TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome App Reviews

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Cant change the instrument to trumpet

Best in class

Great app for instrumentalists. The little tuning smiley face is so satisfying when you "get it right."

This is the one!

As a professional musician, I use this app daily. I love that I can use everything this app has to offer, and all at the same time if I wish. Its not just a tuner, or metronome, or tone generator, etc. its ALL, at once!


Very handy.


This app nails making a tuner app. There are so many extra features as well. Get this app.


I have to say, this would be a five star rating if it didnt kill my battery. It is a wonderful app that anyone from beginning musician to professional can benefit from. However, in an age where we rely on our devices for all aspects of our life, I cannot possibly recommend an app that so carelessly drains the battery of your device by pointlessly running in the background. If the developers take the time to publish an update, which seems unlikely considering the app has not seen an update for an extended time, I will be happy to update my review.

60 year old musician

I have played all of the stringed instruments on a professional level at one time or another. This app ROCKS! If you play any instrument and have a smart phone, get this app. That is all.

Am I the only one?

This app is great when it works. I use it all the time to tune my modular synth, but almost every time I run it (iPhone 6, latest iOS) it works for about 30 seconds before it loses a "signal" and the display shows no notes, as if its not "hearing" any tones at all. It might intermittently come back to life for a few seconds here and there, but the only way to get it to work again is to force-close the app and reopen. The. The cycle starts over again. Very frustrating.


I really love this, for the capabilities for just 3.99. You wont need any other musical app for tuning, metronome, etc.

Very handy

For those of us without perfect pitch it is nice having a source of any notes or chords in pocket

Very versatile app, but it needs some tweaking.

I love all of the different functions in this one app. Its nice to be able to have one app for my tuner, metronome, tone generator and recorder, and all of these functions work great. However, the moment I connect my device to my Bluetooth speaker, the app starts freaking out. When connected, the metronome sounds really low and muffled, the tuner has a lot of lag, and the tone generator just stops working all together.

Great app

Great app with realistic band instrument sounds. I am a bass trombonist and love practicing just tuning with the drones.


Meets all my needs as a singer. Easy to use and understand.


Its a fantastic app totally worth the money. I use this nearly everyday!

Works but frustrating

I think this app has what a lot of musicians are looking for and need, however regarding the tonal drones, they dont seem to respond when I tap on them and its frustrating. It either takes a while to turn on after tapping it 5-6 times and sometimes it just wont despite all my efforts. I know this happens on the iPad version and IPhone version. Please fix.

Very good, but no Bluetooth

This is a great app. The only thing I can think of that should be added is the ability to play the tone generator through a Bluetooth speaker. It works if I plug it in, but the wireless does not work. Other apps play to my speaker wirelessly, but not this one. Using iOS 9 and sound link mini.

Love It

I require all of my students to use for violin lessons. Great metronome. Love the different levels of tuning (intermediate, advanced, professional). Recording is great too!


Great for the band class

Essential app for musician

The app has tons of features that make it essential for any musician. The tuner is adjustable and works great, it can be your metronome, and it even allows you to look at the fine tuning aspects of music with the analysis option.


10/10 would recommend

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