TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome App Reviews

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It makes me a better human


Best app out there, i do not regret for spending those 4$!

Fabulous tool for teachers and musicians

Total energy is an incredible tool for musicians and teachers. It allows a teacher or musician to work with a metronome, recorder, tuner, and tone generator all in one. Like many tuners, this app allows a person to tune aurally and through visual cues. As a teacher I am able to show the students visually if they are in tune as well as with their ear and immediately record what theyre playing and show them the wavelength as well as play from the recording of how they sound. The tuner is also very easy to use and smiles at you when youre in tune. It is also highly adjustable for sensitivity and instrumentation. I currently use this for all of which I said above but also projecting sound over the orchestra with its tone generator so that I could play along with the students in trouble spots. I believe this tool is invaluable as a teacher musician and I highly recommend this app for anyone interested in teaching or being a better musician to use this tool and experiment with how they could use it to better themselves and their students. Not only is this tuner easy to use, but it allows you to tune in equal temperament and just intonation which is extremely valuable when teaching a performing ensemble. Theres a similar product that is a physical keyboard by a very popular company and the piano cost $1200. For $3.99, you have an incredible deal, its portable, and it is easy to use.

Ok, but flawed

I cant believe I cant use the tone generator and send the sound to a Bluetooth speaker.

Cant change the instrument to trumpet

Needs an update

Whenever I open the app its saying it may slow down my phone and the developer need to update it. Overall: best tuner Ive had.

Great app just some suggestions

I love this app but I wish you could choose what instrument you are tuning

The Almost Perfect Tuning App

I love this app, but can Sonosaurus please update it!?!? I would really appreciate it and I think iOS 10 would appreciate it too

Works beautifully

This is exactly what I was looking for. I play cello and I use it during all practice sessions. I use the tuner and the metronome the most. I love that you can record yourself. Thank you!

Best Tuber Ever

This tuner gas everything it has a tuner of course a metrodome it has a recorder and everything plus its the most accurate for telling me when im sharp or flat My band director has this and its perfect for me it worth every penny its gelped me get ready for districts which I am very nervous about but this one is definatly one to get.

Incredible app

I never knew how much information my tuners WERENT telling me.

Closing out

I love the app, but it keeps closing on me. It aggravates me so much! Please fix?

Close the app from multitasking when youre done

The app uses a lot of battery power even when it is closed and youre not using it. I went to rehearsal this morning and used the app to check my pitch for about 30 seconds. At the end of the day, I saw that it had used 16% of my battery. The battery usage said it was on screen for only 1 minute and in the background for 7.8 hours. This isnt the first time but it has happened multiple times before when I forget to exit the app from multitasking. Other than that, great app and no other complaints.


I was tuning my trombone and it thought my Bb was an E. it didnt get any other note right either

Best ever!! My band teacher was right!!!

Just a little problems but the rest is AWESOME!!

Get This

Especially for those of you who understand harmony and temperament, you need this thing. It has a sophisticated metronome for the most common time signatures as well as a variety of options for subdividing. You can create recordings and analyze sound quality (overtones), change tuning and temperament, and change which instrument or type of sound wave to use for the tone generator. There are so many things this app has that wont fit in a review. This is definitely worth the purchase.

Excellent App!!!

Totally Recommend This App For Your Instrument!!!

The only practice tool youll need

This is a tuner, metronome, recorder and more. You can plays not just drones of single notes but of chords as well. You can make the drones have vibrato. This is a superior app that gives musicians the advantage to take their craft to another level. I would recommend this app to any musician who wishes to further their playing

Best multipurpose tuning app Ive heard of

Along with the tuner, this app has a drone which can play a multitude of notes, in multiple octaves at once, both in equal temperament, as well as just intonation. It also provides a great visual for your tone. While your ear is still best indicator of tone, being able to see just how bright, or dark your sound is can provide of a lot of insight. It also has an extensive metronome system built into it, with a myriad of subdivisions. This was absolutely worth the money I paid for it, and then some.

Upgrade for iPhone

Upgrade for iPhone was requested for this app. It said it will slow my phone down.

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